Ambient Music and Late Capitalism is probably not a pairing that naturally springs to mind. However, a fragmentation and subsequent reformation of the music industry in the age of streaming and sponsored content has led to the two becoming strange bedfellows. The unprecedented influence and possibilities of the internet in a globalised world have corroded sectors of Ambient Music, and opportunistic capitalism has intruded in a manner not previously possible. Nico Callaghan identifies existential issues facing primarily – but not exclusively – modern Ambient Music, and looks to those who offer insight and innovation in the face of corporate intrusions. 


General Enquiry [publisher]

Ort Bindery [binder]
Nico Callaghan [Snakes In The Grass]  with General Enquiry

Perfect Bound, 84 pages
105 x 148mm
Published by Daisart and General Enquiry
Edited by Lucy Callaghan
Design by Alex Margetic
Naarm (Melbourne), 2018.

Cover printed at Coffee Shop, Book Shop, Print Shop, Work Shop. Inside printed at Docs On Call. Bound at Coffee Shop, Book Shop, Print Shop, Work Shop & Ort Bindery. 

Published on the stolen land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. Naarm (Melbourne), 2018.


Perimeter Books

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