Black Against An Orange Line consists of four long-form pieces that hover between classical instrumentation and digital synthesis. The album showcases a new dimension of Nico's work through a hybrid language of hazy, hypnotic Dub-Techno and vivid Drone. In touching on the Ambient and Grime palette of Nico's previous albums, however, Black Against An Orange Line posits itself as a suitable follow-up to his last record on Daisart, and sets the stage for future outings from the artist and label.

From the artist: "This music is deeply influenced by my working process at home: the days I have at home, away from work or study; the ones where I can let the entire day slip away. I work at my computer all day, watching the sun's light drift from one end of the garden through the softly billowing gumtrees onto the other end, over the concrete and the faded brick everywhere in inner-urban Melbourne. I try to stay offline as much as possible. Upon reflection, it seems very hermetic and closed-in. But I like to see it in a somewhat dreamy way. This is "home"-music, background music if you will - but I wouldn't dare say it's relaxing music. This is my own take on the give-and-take between the daydream and the chaos of this process, locked away in quiet, patient ambient spaces. It's all centred on that moment at the end of the day where the sun dips below into the underworld, and the sky appears so black against the orange band of the horizon. I want to make a pilgrimage, a Haj, to that moment. I want to make music to communicate that space over a grander, longer scale you can slip into and disappear."

Haji K.  [Black Against An Orange Line]

Introducing Black Against An Orange Line, the debut from Haji K. (aka Nico Niquo, Nico Callaghan).

Haji K. presents a domestic daydream of Australia. “Black Against An Orange Line” is an optimistic meditation. 


A1: Snows Over Mount Sinai
A2: Antoinette & A Single Tear Climbing Up A Wall
B1: Black Against An Orange Line
B2: A White-Tinted Sky

Music by Nico Callaghan
Mixed and Mastered by Ryui Yoshizawa
Artwork by Emily Bramich
Layout & Design by Justin Cantrell




Snakes In The Grass, Or To The 4th World And Back With Sizeable Detours Away From That Frame Of Mind

Here is a two hour mix, intended as an accompaniment to Nico Niquo’s Timeless... or an introduction to the sounds explored on the album... Limited edition of 25 copies of the A2 poster (containing Nico’s book Snakes In The Grass) and tape were given away for free (not for sale) with the repress of the record in 2019. 

Artwork, Layout and Design by General Enquiry

Sorry, out of stock. free download.

If you stand between two mirrors facing each other, you’re faced with a curious and unique visual sensation – endlessly repeating reflections bounce off one another into an infinite, spiralling prism. Any movement from your vantage point derails the point of focus, and transforms the illusion in real-time before your eyes. Light bends, and with it, colours slip in and out of dominance, in an Escherism of endless space, despite no change to the dimensions you inhabit in that ever so concrete space between two mirrors.

Midori Hirano speaks of “waning lights” and “edges blending into fog” as some of the sensory indicators inspiring Mirrors In Mirrors – her debut on Daisart – and these Impressionistic sentiments are deeply imbued within Hirano’s delicate, restrained compositions. The hallmarks of modern classical, electronica and ambient are adopted as an assemblage to explore nuanced tones and techniques less dictated by those stylistic underpinnings, perhaps somewhere hovering between – but never too far away – keenly aware of form and function.

An emphasis upon the piano is an immediate point of reference for placing Hirano’s work within a broader context, but important to point out is the subtle and careful use of synthesizers and effects processing throughout the record – sometimes providing a more detailed background terrain, sometimes taking centre stage. Whichever instrument she turns her hands to, Hirano has crafted a record with enough dedicated focus and space to allow the listener to immerse oneself in her devised temporal expanse, an Impressionistic liminal space of Mirrors in Mirrors.

Recorded in Berlin, Germany 2017-18

All tracks written, produced, recorded and mixed by Midori Hirano.

Mastered by Sean McCann of Recital Program

Artwork by ruttens-wille


Midori Hirano [website]

Jeroen Wille & Ruud Ruttens [ruttens-wille]


The Vinyl Factory “20 favourite albums of far” (July 2019)

oto nova Japan 音の波: Mari* with Midori Hirano

AVYSS-magazine-Daisart から Midori Hirano のアルバムがリリース決定


Midori Hirano  [Mirrors In Mirrors]

Introducing Mirrors In Mirrors by Berlin-based, Japanese musician, composer and producer Midori Hirano, to be released on March 5, 2019. The first edition of 200 black 12-inch vinyl records feature a 300gsm Pantone printed reverse-card outer and 200gsm reverse-card inner sleeve designed by Jeroen Wille & Ruud Ruttens of [ruttens-wille]. 


A1: Close To Life
A2: Forgotten
A3: Mountains
A4: Beginning
B1: Sleeping Under The Raintrees
B2: Afterglow
B4: Mirrors In Mirrors

Artwork, Layout and Design by ruttens-wille

Mastered by Sean McCann


Incidental Music

Daisart have decided to make this audio-book available for free download with the option of payment. Digital sales will be donated to Children's Ground to support First Nations communities devastated by intergenerational disadvantage. These donations will help the next generation of children to be free from trauma and suffering, enjoy equity and safety, be able to grow into adulthood happy and healthy, and have agency over their social, cultural, political and economic life.

Nico Callaghan [Snakes In The Grass] Audiobook

Ambient Music and Late Capitalism is probably not a pairing that naturally springs to mind. However, a fragmentation and subsequent reformation of the music industry in the age of streaming and sponsored content has led to the two becoming strange bedfellows. The unprecedented influence and possibilities of the internet in a globalised world have corroded sectors of Ambient Music, and opportunistic capitalism has intruded in a manner not previously possible. Nico Callaghan identifies existential issues facing primarily – but not exclusively – modern Ambient Music, and looks to those who offer insight and innovation in the face of corporate intrusions.

Snakes In The Grass was originally published in a print edition by Daisart and General Enquiry to accompany the album "Timeless" by Nico Niquo released in 2018. This audio-book was recorded, produced and spoken by the author Nico Callaghan in 2019.

Recorded at the Perry Institute of Fauna & Street Sound (PIFSS) on the stolen land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation.


Part One, Sponsored Content & Bizarro Bastardisations

Part Two, An Olympic Mess & A Trash Music Fetish

Part Three, Up Red Bull Creek Without Ideological Insulation

Part Four, Tearing A Hole In The Grey Curtain

Free Download:


Timeless sees Nico Niquo’s stylistic explorations converge at an unexpected, but long hidden reference point, Jazz-Fusion. Delivering an impassioned album that reconciles the peculiar situation of modern “Australian” music, certain touchstones are reworked into a haze of bent New Age mannerisms and Ambient passages, strung together with a pairing of Dub-Techno impulse and Impressionist musings.

However, in retaining an emphasis upon hyperreal sonic landscapes, Nico has crafted a new environment for his electronic inquiries to be re-characterised into mediated form within a bizarro-Jazz realm.
With the novel presence of saxophonist and childhood friend Jared Becker, Nico’s forays into the vast lineage of Jazz synthesise and re-interpret all manner of gestures: Strayhorn’s blue moods and sardonic exoticism, Miles Davis’ proto-ambient extended sessions, and the ECM rosters’ explorations into funk, minimalism, and improvisation. The album is titled in part in acknowledgement of the late John Abercrombie's’ Timeless.

Puzzlement at an overabundance of gestures and signals with limitless opportunity sees Nico re-focus attention toward considering a personal alternative – one that pays due homage to Jazz and its influence on his music but moves distinctly away from many of its assumed leanings. Timeless is a significant shift from Nico’s earlier work but demonstrates an eagerness to let naturally evolve the possibilities of the project from its foundations.

Writing, Production, Mixing,
Vocals, Piano, Drums and Percussion by Nico Callaghan

Assistant Production, Recording and Engineering by Joseph Buchan

Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet by Jared Becker

Made on the stolen land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. Naarm (Melbourne), 2018.


Samuel Horman [artist]

General Enquiry [publisher]


Nico Niquo - ‘Timeless’ Premiere [AQNB ]

Nico Niquo|インタビュー [AVYSS]

Nico Niquo - [Sanpo Disco 117]

Nico Niquo [Timeless]

Timeless by Nico Niquo, an album written, produced and mixed by Nico Callaghan, released on 26th of September, 2018. The first edition pressed in a run of 150, black 12-inch vinyl with a risograph printed insert. The second edition of 200, black 12-inch vinyl  released in June 2019 features new artwork designed by Samuel Horman and comes with a risograph printed insert of the original artwork available with limited copies of Snakes in the Grass, a non-fiction text examining Ambient music’s evolution in the modern cultural landscape, written concurrent to the record.


A1: The Lucky Country
A2: Timeless
A3: Silent Feet
B1: Isfahan
B2: Chelsea Bridge
B3: Lush Life
B4: (In My) Solitude

Artwork, Layout and Design by Samuel Horman

Mastered by Wouter Brandenburg


Incidental Music